Machine learning engineer, blockchain investor, motorcycle enthusiast, aging skateboarder, NYC history buff, crossword ... cruciverbalist, armchair economist, and stand-up comedy fan boy.



Columbia University
M.S., Computer Science (2015)
Machine Learning track

Worked in the robotics lab as a computer vision research assistant. Coursework included machine learning, advanced machine learning, statistical data mining, deep learning, modeling social data, quantum computing, and compilers.

University of Utah
B.S., Applied Mathematics (2012)
B.S., Computer Science (2012)

Math and computer science curriculum included artificial intelligence, numerical analysis, applied mathematics, math finance, and robotics. Won the Senior Programming Compeition Graduated with honors and studied Chinese for 2 years which included an independent 3 month journey through China and Tibet.



Sr. Machine Learning Engineer, Wavelet Health
(2016 - 2018)

Deep learning based exercise classification of wearable sensor data using LSTM recurrent neural networks. Built and managed the entire ML pipeline including creating the methodology for acquiring training data and deploying models to prod without interruption.

Machine Learning Engineer, DBRS Innovation Lab.
(2015 - 2016)

Machine learning team lead as well as supported back-end and web front-end development. Built an article recommendation engine and algorithm inspection tool based on doc2vec, t-SNE, k-means. A WebGL-based 3D point-cloud allowed inspection of both the clustering efficacy and quality of the dimensionality reduction. I also trained a character-level recurrent neural network to generate sheet music; it was an interesting year.

Fullstack Software Engineer, Paperspace

Deployed scalable metrics monitoring and visualization for all of the distributed services.

Fullstack Software Engineer, HireVue (2011-2013)

Backend, Web front-end, database, deployments, server architecture, testing. Refactored poor backend Django code, built out our RESTful API, completely rewrote new frontend in AngularJS, managed database migrations. Startup went from 3 engineers to 25 during my time there.



Grand Prize Winner
Clarifai Artificial Intelligence Hackathon, NYC (2018)

Emulate artistic style in real time using convolutional neural network image transformers. Won first place among 27 teams.

Tesselize Devpost Stylized Example

HackNY Fellow (2014)

One of 40 fellows from across the United States. I am still proud to be a member of such a wonderful builder community!

HackNY Fellows Homepage

1st Place, Undergrad Senior Programming Competition (2012)

Created an iOS app and C image processing library for scientific image and video processing. First place of 25 teams.


Blockchain Investment

Ethereum Initial coin offering.

I used student loans to invest in the first blockchain with turing-complete smart contracts built into the protocol. This was a novel advancement in blockchain technology at the time and Ethereum is currently the second most successful blockchain platform second only to Bitcoin.

FileCoin, Maker, 0x, Synthetix.
(2018 - 2020)

Identified successful projects among the flood of scams and projects that ultimately went under. Managed my investments both through trading or identifying new tokens, applications, and ecosystems within the blockchain space.